Is clean energy cheaper than dirty energy?

Yes. Renewable energy has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, bringing costs down while utility prices skyrocket.  For every dollar spent on efficiency, you can save $6 on a renewable energy system.
No matter what method you choose to purchase a renewable energy system, you will easily save more than what you paid for it over the course of its lifetime.  The cheapest and easiest method is to pay with cash, which eliminates loan interest payments and provides the highest life-cycle savings.  If this is an option for you, we highly recommend it.  Clearly, not everyone can pay for 30 years’ worth of energy bills in one lump sum, so most of our clients opt for methods that convert the upfront cost into a monthly payment by financing their installation.  Even though this entails paying interest on a loan, falling prices for renewable energy systems and rising utility costs leave many of our clients with an improved monthly cash flow after installing renewable energy.  Talk to your local bank to learn more about financing a renewable energy system.