Is your site suitable for a solar installation?

SolarWinds NorthernLights recommends that clients interested in a PV system always start with a site survey. A site survey is an analysis of the physical location of the proposed renewable energy project. It is done to ensure that the system is designed for maximum efficiency based on site specific conditions.

For clients with no available electric, SWNL will design and install the most reliable and efficient state of the art renewable energy systems anywhere in the world. Whether you are operating a small island resort that requires a computer and a fax or own a private vacation home, SWNL will provide electricity and solar hot water systems for all of your needs.

After a site survey is completed, the client will receive a site analysis package of information that includes the viability of the proposed project, a preliminary system design, location of PV array and components, expected annual output of the system, time of installation and approximate cost including incentive programs if applicable.

The advantage of a SolarWinds NorthernLights site survey is that system viability and output are known in advance. The benefit is that system design flaws are avoided, saving the client time and money.

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